Broiler drinker

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  • 360º side action triggering – Lubing’s Broiler nipples offer easy triggering and get day-old birds off to the best start.
  • Exact water metering at every age – As birds grow they naturally increase the upward pressure increasing the volume of water released.
  • Simplistic design – The patented three-part nipple design includes an all stainless steel body or a stainless steel body with plastic shell, triggering pin and multi-stage metering pin.
  • Square pipe advantage – Lubing’s square pipe keeps nipples always in an upright position.
  • LitterGard Cups – Lubing LitterGuard cups protect the litter and improve environmental conditions.
  • Trouble-free performance – Fewer parts reduce problem risk.  All metal components are manufactured with precision machined stainless steel and DO NOT include O-rings, seals or steel balls.
  • Aluminum rails or Conduit – Choose from aluminum or conduit support.
  • Simple and quick assembly – Watering sections are shipped pre-assembled.
  • Raised water entry point – The nipple’s raised water entry point inside the water pipe eliminates the possibility of sediments from entering the nipple.
  • Large surface area for water entry – Unlike the competition, Lubing’s water metering pin, extruding inside the water pipe, has a large diameter which enables it to more effectively capture and direct water into the nipple.
  • Upgrade technology – “J-Lock” Nipples with Lubing technology are available to upgrade in a “twist”. Lubing can also upgrade ALL types of sections either on conduit or other aluminum rails. See information on opposite page.

For all ages

Fast start for chicks

big finish during grow-out

With or without cups

No cup

One arm cup

Two arm cup

Water supply

Half turn regulator

The Half Turn Lubing pressure regulator …. need to get copy for this … The Half Turn Lubing pressure regulator …. need to get copy for this … The Half Turn Lubing pressure regulator …. need to get copy for this …

Optima pressure regulator

The Optima Lubing pressure regulator has built-in flushing capabilities with the simple twist of a knob. Water pressure is easily adjusted with the regulator knob located underneath the unit. The clear flexible standpipe with float ball offers accurate and precise water pressure adjustment.

fresh breather unit

The flush breather unit incorporates a clear flexible standpipe and float ball for establishing an accurate water pressure adjustment and also includes hose attachments for automatic flushing and cleaning.


Product literature

EasyLine first generation turkey drinking system

EasyLine first generation turkey drinking system

Manuals / technical documents

EasyLine Management Recommendations

IM-031-04 EasyLine 2.0 Technical Bulletin

IM-030-01 EasyLine Drinking System Instruction Manual

Warranty Terms, Conditions and Returns

Water and Chemical Reference Guide


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