Even though we currently design and deliver the best drinkers and egg conveying systems in the world, we are always on a relentless pursuit to make the best better. Before it arrives at your farm we take every product into our own hands with careful assembly and inspection.


located in usa

Our headquarters and factory is located in Cleveland, Tennessee. With over XXX square feet dedicated to the design, development, inspection, assembly, and inventory of all products we offer.

egg handling

This is where we’ll say a bit about the egg handling systems and products offered, how they arrive pre-assembled, etc… and if there’s anything about cage-free related to egg handling.


Our headquarters and factory is located in Cleveland, Tennessee. With over XXX square feet dedicated to the design, development, inspection, assembly, and inventory of all products we offer.

Service and support

From the initial conversation, installation, and years after your first flock, we strive to deliver next level support to you and your flock.

We are hands-on when it comes to helping your flock excel, and are always available to help you find better ways to maximize your investment in the systems we offer.


1949 – An engineering technician named Ludwig Bening founded Ludwig Bening Machinenbau. The company logo LUBING was derived from the founder’s first and last name. With 3 employees he started out in a factory building in Barnstorf, Germany producing wind-powered pumps for raising cattle.

1964 – After completing his studies in mechanical engineering, Egon Schumacher was appointed as engineer.

1967 – LUBING starts the production of nipple drinkers for laying hens and pigs with an order from Big Dutchman for 500,000 pieces.

1968 – Ludwig Bening dies in a fatal car accident. His wife Bertl Bening continues with operations of the company under the name “LUBING Maschinenfabrik”. Egon Schumacher takes over as General Manager.

1970 – Production of drinkers for poultry and pigs is automated. The Combi nipple with plastic body is developed and patented.

1976 – LUBING starts production of the rod conveyor for egg transport.

1977 – BARKU is established. All pipes, profile and component parts needed for production at LUBING are manufactured in-house. Egon Schumacher also assumes the position of Managing Director for Barku.

1982 – The curve egg conveying system is introduced.

1986 – Production of floor watering systems for broilers and breeders begins.

As demand grows,
Lubing USA is established

1988 – LUBING USA is established in Woodstock, GA and business explodes in the United States and Canada.

2002 – LUBING moves to Cleveland, TN under the new leadership of Mr. John Hawk. A newly constructed 52,500 square ft facility is erected with fully automated machinery to manufacture and assemble its product lines.

2003 – BARKU Plastics USA is established to help keep up with the high demand of plastic components. The BARKU facility includes 57,000 square feet of offices and plastic injection machinery.

2016 – LUBING USA sells 19.6 miles of conveyor and over 8 million nipples (55 million nipples are sold worldwide).

2022 – After a successful time as president John Hawk retired and his son, Chris Hawk moved into the roll of president of all North American operations.

With more than 3 billion birds around the world drinking from a LUBING system, we have become a significant player in the poultry watering and egg conveying market.

Our goal is to develop cutting edge technology with the intent of providing customers the best opportunities to capitalize on their investment by maximizing their production and increasing their profits.

From all of us, Thank You!We are greatful to everyone who has contributed to making LUBING a successful company on a global level. And we fully know that our success is only measured by the success of our customers.

Pictured in image are Mr. Egon Schumacher (L) and Managing Director, Mr. Markus Von der Assen (R) of LUBING Maschinenfabrick GmbH & Co.

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