We’ve made many 360 degree video virtual tours, with pop up detail videos and photo slideshows.
Below is what makes our 360 degree video virtual tours different than others:

  • High resolution – We use 6 gopro cameras to get the maximum resolution
  • 360 degree VIDEO – Our tours incorporate 360 degree video, not just still images
  • Video pop ups – To provide more details about specific areas, our tours have pop up videos to provide additional information, and a better user experience
  • Cross platform – Our 360 degree virtual tours work online and offline. Embedded into websites, and can be used with any computer, and works on iPads easily.


streamcommunications wrapped up a sweet suite of websites for JQ99. The goal was to create all the sites to have a uniform look and feel, all the while allowing each site to display their own unique brand image. Each site shares a common theme to make site management easy and efficient. The JQ99 main site has a unique video header (displayed above) to set the tone for the brand of JQ99.


  • Three separate websites sharing the same overall theme
  • Easy to use drag’n drop webpage builder
  • Client has complete control over the entire site
  • stream included photography and video as part of the services


Situation: A small business… small as in, a guy who makes wonderfully custom made pottery, asked streamcommunications for help in building a website.




  • Responsive website
  • eCommerce
  • Complete CMS system
  • Easy to use page builder


Easy to use page builder


Complete CMS system


e-commerce system


Situation: A local manufacturer with a global industry dominance asked streamcommunications to produce 3D video for their up coming trade show.

Deliverables: Three 10-minute 3D stereoscopic videos, a custom designed theater to seat 12 to 15 people, standard 2D versions for their website, 3D direct-mail post cards and theater posters for the sides of the theater.

Notes: This project involved travel over a period a six month period, to six different locations around the country. At the show, each visitor was given 3D glasses with which they viewed the passive 3D video display. The experience was a great hit with everyone in attendance, and my client’s booth was “the place to be” for the duration of the show.

Finished items:

  • Concept and storyline for the videos
  • Voice over writing and recording
  • Three completed 10 minute long videos
  • 3D and 2D versions
  • Custom designed theater with audio/video
  • Promotional material for the 3D video experience
  • 3D (anaglyph) postcards which were mailed before their show


Situation: A global leader in the design and manufacturing of advanced management solutions for the poultry industry wanted an image to better reflect their brand, and the direction of their business.


  • Logo
  • Branding
  • Literature
  • Ads
  • Tradeshow design
  • Responsive Website


Situation: Develop a brand in a saturated commodity driven industry. Photography and art. Let’s face it, anyone with an iPhone, instagram and a few bucks can “make art” and print it on some cheap canvas. However, it takes talent, and great marketing to differentiate yourself from all the snap happy people with a point and shoot trigger finger.


  • Name
  • Branding
  • Strategic direction and positioning
  • Website
  • Identity package
  • ecommerce


Easy to use page builder


Complete CMS system


e-commerce system


Customer account area for return customers


Challenge: To create a new business and brand from scratch. When someone approached streamcommunications with an idea for an online solution for helping people save money, we jumped on it right away. Who doesn’t want to save money?!

(Too much is involved in the creation of a new business and brand to itemize on a web page, but to sum it up, here is a short list)

  • Created a business from scratch
  • Complete strategic profile
  • Brand definition and direction
  • Strategic marketing objectives
  • Media plan
  • Media development
  • Website
  • Complete ecommerce solution with automatic subscription based payment options
  • Subscriber management system
  • Inventory management system
  • More…


Custom Database


Subscription based auto payments


Personalized List Management


Secure Account Management


Situation: Define direction of brand and create all new marketing materials. Better Way Imports is a company with a passion for helping women have a better life. streamcommunications helped them to better understand their strengths.

Deliverables: Every challenge requires a unique response, and the points below represent our solutions to this client’s needs.

  • Brand definition and direction
  • Strategic marketing objectives
  • Media planning
  • Catalogs
  • Point of sale items
  • Product photography
  • Website tied into their current online store
  • Online product management and order fulfillment system


Black River Public School (BRPS)

The challenge was to help BRPS find their position in the competitive landscape while increasing student enrollment. When BRPS called stream in to help them, there was only a few months until school started, so we had to make quick work of creating the right strategy. After going through our profile™ process, we were able to understand the opportunities for BRPS to get chosen in the sea of same as schools. We developed a strategy to capitalize on their core strengths, along with a message that was targeted on a specific audience. We found out that being late in the game wasn’t going to hold the mission back one bit.

The media we developed was:

  • Strategic analysis to define BRPS’s position
  • 3-part ad campaign placed in the Lakeshore Press
  • 4-page brochure that was used at open houses and used as an insert in the Lakeshore Press
  • Billboard

The results of the campaign was a double enrollment in the targeted segment. Not only did we accomplish our objective, the quality of students drastically increased from previous years. The enrollment and student quality continued to grow during the 2 years following the campaign.


New Holland Brewing Company (NHBC) – “Art in fermented form”

The challenge presented by NHBC was to:

  • Help them see past their competition.
  • Create all new packaging that was consistent and compelling.
  • Increase shelf space at stores.
  • Get them noticed at the retail level.

Just a few results:

  • NHBC rose to be the 2nd largest brewery in Michigan and has expanded beyond the state. It’s not so difficult to see past their competition anymore.
  • They’ve gone from disliking the distribution channel to using them as a valuable asset in creating shelf presence, and as a brand building tool.
  • They immediately gained shelf presence and popularity with the consumer as well as with the distributors and retailers.
  • All the packaging was refined and created to provide the consumer a memorable image, and a compelling reason to buy NHBC’s product.
  • New packaging was developed to differentiate the brand and resonate it in the mind of the consumer. For each brand a story was crafted to educate the consumer and help him to identify with the brand of New Holland, and the brand of the individual beer.
  • The website was developed to not only attract new visitors, but to engage visitors to give us feedback and let us know where they would like to have NHBC’s beers available. When the site was first launched there were about 2000 hits a month, and about a year after the site launched we were getting approximately 500,000 hits a month.
  • Along with the website, we also sent out several different types of emails. The first email was sent to the general public who had signed up to be on a list, another was sent to the distributor, and the last went to the retailer who purchased the product. This provided integrated branding on all fronts.


Situation: National Bulk Equipment, Inc, a manufacturer headquartered in Holland, Michigan with clients mainly in the US, and a sales force of independent representatives. stream served this client on an a la carte basis to develop everything from print ads to websites.


  • Brand profile and re-positioning
  • Monthly press releases to trade publications
  • Website creation and updates as needed
  • Ad creation and placement
  • Photography and video

With determined branding, position and direction for this client, streamcommunications worked to maintain this brand in the minds of their audience. The final result? stream brought integration and intelligence to NBE’s marketing process and media.


Situation: A local retailer approached streamcommunications to come up with a name for a new store. What we created for them was a total brand experience.


  • Created a brand profile, name, logo and identity
  • Created a sensory branding profile guiding everything from what people within the store
  • Strategic planning and monitoring of the plan
  • Monthly website updates
  • Mass e-mailing to a subscriber list
  • Video production for web and TV
  • Created ads and point of sale material
  • Negotiate ad placement pricing

New website with:

  • Responsive design
  • Easy to use page builder
  • CMS system
  • e-commerce (under development)