DSC04627-EditThis is the most interesting lighthouse I’ve seen. It appears to grow right out from the sand dunes, and is quite remote, at least from those I’ve visited. I’ll be going back after Labor Day to shoot it in the fall. I find the best time to shoot lighthouses is in the fall, when there’s clouds, waves, and golden colored beach grass.

The typical thing to do is to take pictures of the whole structure, but I was just as interested in the architecture of the lighthouse, and as I zoomed in, I noticed all the pigeons living in it, and you could easily here the pigeons calling to each other.

As we were leaving I noticed where the river meets Lake Michigan, and being that I always want to shoot reflections, and the river was glass smooth, I had to see what was there to shoot. It didn’t take long to find a subject to shoot. It was obviously an old tree which most likely floated down the river, and then anchored itself just before the mouth of the river.

The mayflies were plenty, and found it interesting as they flew about, skimming the water.


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