Spent an entire week behind my desk, staring at my monitor, and in desperate need of fresh air, and creativity. I keep saying to myself, “I really need to find other things to shoot.” But the beach continues to draw me, dominating my thoughts regarding photography.

This evening I wanted to do some longer exposures to capture the movement of the waves. Well, after a few rouge waves filled my boots with water, I gave up on the goal of keeping my feet dry… Even with my ND filter I wasn’t able to capture an exposure longer than 1 second, and I needed to leave the beach by 8:45, so I had to settle for one decent long exposure, and I shifted my attention to shooting at the opposite end of the spectrum, and shoot with a shallow depth of field, and fast shutter.

It’s challenges like this which push me to be creative, and find “the shot” in less than ideal situations. It forces me to be uncomfortable with the cards I’ve been dealt, and start looking for how¬†to make the situation work, and shift my goals based on what God gave me to work with.


The lighting wasn’t ideal while the sun was still in the shot, so I focused on black and white with reflections and shadows.




The waves weren’t that large, but they carried a lot of momentum, and as they receded back into the lake, the water left on the sand would reflect the sun setting.




The one long exposure I managed to get before I had to leave.