I have to admit. This winter is beginning to depress me. To combat this, I went out today with the intent of facing it head on. I went out to my friend’s house on Lake Michigan with nothing particular to see or shoot. I just went.

The most challenging of today’s task was not the wind, though the wind was wicked cold and harsh. Nor was it the cold. The toughest part of today was the random sinking into the snow. I never knew when one of my legs would sink down to about 28″ of snow, all the while the other foot remained firmly planted on wind-blown, hard packed snow. Very tough to walk with any certainty at all!

I’m including one image which shows the erosion just to the North of my friend’s house, and though we were hoping for lower water levels, and a return of the beaches, it’s not looking so promising. The section I have noted to show the erosion has lost about 10′ more dune in the past month or so. It’s amazing to think, it’s not just 10′ of dune. It’s 10′ of surface dune, but also 15′ – 20′ of vertical dune.